Off The Beaten Path Jobs

Scuba diving can be a fun and engaging job that allows you to work with people and enjoy the activity itself. To become a scuba diving instructor, one must obtain their dive instructor certification with any recognized agency such as PADI, SSI, and NAUI.

Off The Beaten Path Jobs

Ice road trucker

What is an ice road trucker?

Ice road truckers are experienced and skilled drivers who transport goods over icy roads during the winter season to deliver essential supplies. These drivers are primarily located in Canada's Northwest Territories and Alaska, and this profession is highly specialized.

What does an ice cream truck driver do?

The provided source, without mentioning any job positions, outlines requirements for operating a heavy vehicle on haul roads. It stresses the importance of maintaining proper clearance, assessing load and vehicle stability, and having a Class 1 driver's license. There is no information indicating that the job involves driving an ice cream truck or providing exceptional customer service.

What does it take to drive on the ice roads?

Driving on ice roads requires nerves of steel and a bit of craziness as truck drivers must travel across miles of frozen nothingness usually in a convoy. Not every driver can handle this dangerous winter convoy trucking job.

Are ice road drivers at risk?

Ice road drivers are especially at high risk due to weather conditions such as whiteouts, avalanches, and extremely cold temperatures that can cause problems ranging from moderate to fatal despite all truck drivers having moderate levels of risk based on time spent behind the wheel.

Hot air balloon pilot

How much does a hot air balloon pilot make?

The exact salary of a hot air balloon pilot varies widely based on their experience level, geographic location, and the company they work for. Compensation is not standardized, and many pilots are paid per flight or by the number of passengers they fly.

How do I become a balloon pilot?

To become a balloon pilot, you must obtain a Lighter-than-Air certification and undergo one-on-one lessons with a flight instructor. Additionally, meeting other requirements, including obtaining a Commercial Balloon Pilot License, is essential. It is worth noting that there is no certified flight instructor rating for hot air balloons, and those with a Commercial Balloon Pilot License are authorized to provide flight instruction.

Can a private balloon pilot take passengers?

Yes, private balloon pilots can take passengers with them, but they cannot charge the passengers for the ride. However, this is still a great opportunity for those who want to take friends or family on a hot air balloon ride.

Can a student fly in a hot air balloon?

Students are permitted to fly hot air balloons but they cannot bring any passengers with them. For those who want to take passengers, the next step up is to become a private balloon pilot, who can also take friends and family up for a ride, without charging them.

Stand-up comedian

How do stand up comedians get paid?

Stand up comedians get paid for their work of making people laugh. Their career path can be challenging, but the payoff is often worth it. They are not just operating a copy machine or crunching numbers, their main job is to entertain the audience. The tone used is formal and unbiased in explaining the job description of stand up comedians.

What is standup comedy?

Standup comedy is a type of comedic performance where a comedian delivers a pre-prepared routine, usually consisting of a combination of jokes and longer humorous stories, while standing on stage in front of an audience.

How can standup comedy Make you a stronger actor?

Performing standup comedy can make you a stronger actor by teaching you vulnerability and putting you at ease in front of an audience. Mastering the art of laying your soul bare in a standup comedy act can help make performing someone else's lines feel much less intimidating.

Can You wing it as a standup comedian?

No, winging it as a standup comedian is not recommended. It is a recipe for disaster. The most successful standup routines are the result of lots of practice and careful refinement. However, it is important for a comedian to be able to think on their feet, especially when dealing with a heckler.

Scuba diving instructor

Is scuba diving a good career?

Scuba diving can be a fun and engaging job that allows you to work with people and enjoy the activity itself. To become a scuba diving instructor, one must obtain their dive instructor certification with any recognized agency such as PADI, SSI, and NAUI.

Do you need a PADI certification for scuba diving?

Yes, most scuba diving jobs require a PADI Divemaster or Instructor certification, according to information from the PADI Job Board. Obtaining this certification can open up new opportunities for adventure and making friends outside of traditional office environments.

What does a dive technician do?

A Dive Technician provides topside supervision and in-water support to staff and volunteer, with a main focus on the job being essential. Some positions may require WSI certification or other specialized certification in diving, scuba diving or kayaking, as well as a valid driver's license.

How much does a diving instructor make?

A diving instructor's national average salary is $47,722 per year. As a professional in scuba diving, their primary duty is to teach others how to dive safely.

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